Desert Bloom


Every garden is different. We adapt to your specific needs with a customized, holistic approach that will keep your drought tolerant landscape vibrant and healthy all year round.

We live in a desert.

Drought is the rule—not the exception; you planted accordingly. While low moisture implies low maintenance, your cacti, succulents and other drought tolerant plantings do require careful pruning, attentive watering, and vigilant pest control to thrive.

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Hello, my name is Max and I want to take care of your drought tolerant yard. I am a certified landscape contractor so I can do a lot of things, but my passion is to beautify existing yards. So, if you had a nice installation done, and now it’s looking a little overgrown, or you want it to look as nice as it used to, that’s where I want to help.

I volunteer regularly in our community of South Park, San Diego taking care of the local planters, parks, and gardens. I also volunteer for the San Diego Cactus and Succulent Society. My goal is to make the area we live in a source of pride and beauty for all the people that live here and enjoy our area, I’m pleased to have a hand in or take care of lots of local gardens.

As I drive, walk, or bike through the neighborhood, I get to see so much beauty that I helped in. I want to help more people in our community. I charge a fair rate (most folks are in the $30-60 range for monthly or bimonthly service, and $60-400 for one-time services) and care passionately about my customers, making sure to be punctual and professional as a rule.

My wife and I have been in South Park since 2002 and love this neighborhood. We re-landscaped a house of ours on Cedar and 33rd st. I could find a lot of people willing to mow/blow/go or take our money, but no one that really knew plants, so I quit my sales job and starting doing this all myself. I fell in love. Let my in-depth knowledge of drought tolerant plants work to your advantage.


Current Member of:

South Park Garden Group

San Diego Cactus and Succulent Society

California Contractor’s State License Board

Former member of:

San Diego Bonsai Club




There's a beautiful plant hiding in all those dead leaves. Let's bring out and feature that beauty to make it a source of pride for you and your neighbors.  I list pruning first because it's a bit of an obsession for me, and certainly my favorite activity. Let my knowledge of plants be your asset.



We suffer greatly from weeds here in South Park due to all of our canyons everywhere, especially in Spring. Reaching through and around drought tolerant plants isn't fun, but it can make your yard look so good to be free of them. No type of substrate seems to stop them completely. Let Desert Bloom take care of them for you.

organic control


Pests and disease can turn a great yard into an eyesore very quickly. All our control agents are organic, kid friendly, and pet friendly. Some plants don't seem to suffer from them, but some very much do. Cacti suffer from scale, bougainvillea are demolished by worms, Palo Verde tree are attacked by powdery white mildew. We'll recognize and defend them before they get bad.